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Müller GMP Washers for Pharmaceutical Production

Müller GMP washers allow flexible cleaning of  every part used in pharmaceutical production: Interior and exterior cleaning of equipment, components, drums, and containers. With best-in-class efficiency and lower purified water consumption, AIC and Müller offers customized package units. Featuring cutting-edge hygienic design, these automated systems ensure a reproducible cleaning, rinsing, and drying process, smooth validation and subsequently highest product safety.

Müller GMP washers are cleaning with recirculation, once through or using the water-saving pulsation rinsing process. For flexible handling of different kinds of parts to clean with a broad variety of contaminations a high number of recipes can be programmed and saved within the control unit. Müller provides cleaning solutions with tailor-made chamber sizes and individual system layouts.

For more information on Müller High performance, all-in-one GMP washers, click here.

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