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Containment and Transfer Systems

Containment and Transfer Systems

Handling powders without creating dust is possible with Müller dust-free docking systems.  They offer you a simple and reliable solution to this challenging problem. The Müller docking system centers around the silicone rubber cap, whose special lip seal ensures reliable, flexible and dust-free docking. This simple docking method used in conjunction with other Müller components enables a wide variety of dust-free product transfers to be carried out cost-effectively.

The handling operation and the flexibility in the actual docking operation are ingeniously simple, since no precision handling equipment is necessary. The silicone rubber cap is fitted manually and removed after use.

A cap with no hole or a drum lid and clamping ring are then used to close the opening. Not only is this method elegant and quick, it is also highly cost-effective. This holds true also when retrofitting the system to existing installations.

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