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Funnels and Valves

Modular Process Equipment from Müller

AIC is the one source that provides a full line of modular process equipment from Müller.  We can guide you on building shells and housings in stainless steel with a diameter from 120 mm to 1200 mm. Müller modular system offers a variety of possibilities. All parts are connected with a simple although tight clamp ring connection.

Filters – vessels for dust filters, activated carbon, biogas or flue gas filters

  • versatile and variable construction
  • customized for your application
  • simple, cost-effective solutions


Vacuum conveying – components for efficient vacuum conveying systems

  • The modular system for your vacuum conveyers:
    • tray inserts
    • hopper inserts
    • filter plates
    • sieve inserts
    • butterfly valves

Dryers – vessels with additional insulation

  • The drum as basic module plus appropriate additional modules becomes a drying vessel.
  • This modular system enables a gentle product treatment to be achieved.


Scrubbers – vessels for air and water treatment

  • You have a basic process concept, we supply the right vessel for the job.
  • Please send us a sketch of your system.


Separators – vessels for liquids and solids

  • Modular construction makes cost-effective equipment possible.
  • Simple, cost-saving clamping ring connections instead of expensive flanged joints.


Sieves – vessels for pharmaceuticals, food products and powder coatings

  • Simplified cleaning and replacement of sieves and filters by means of easily opened clamping ring connections.


Adsorbers / absorbers – vessels approved for hazardous substances

  • The absolutely gastight clamping ring connection allows even highly toxic gases to be handled.



Specialties – customized vessels for challenging duties

  • Ø 120 – Ø 1200 mm Select the appropriate diameter from our 20 different ranges.
  • Stainless steel and special alloys for a wide range of applications
  • Ultraclean vessels for the semiconductor industry
  • Zeolite technology
  • Vacuum-tight vessel
  • We support you in your development work.

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